USA, Florida, Palm Coast

Our graduates

Hi there! Just wanted share one of your graduates photos ☺️ he’s a very sweet, funny little boy and he’s about a year and a half now. Thank you so much!

I loving seeing your posts. We are so in love with our boy from you. He’s 2 years old now I don’t know where the time goes Stephanie Saunders

Our graduate, received a photo yesterday))
Our Apollo Kitty May 25 was 1 year old. He is just an Angel)))

The kids are so excited, they bought him 2 new toys for his special day!

Hello Margarita,
I hope you and your family are doing well. I just wanted to send you a few photos and and update regarding “Stella”. She is doing well; had her spayed last month. She is the love of my family’s life; adored by all of us (and quite honestly, everyone who meets her).

Hi Margarita
I hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to send an update on our sweet kittens. We named them Niko and Porosha. They were neutered and spayed just before Christmas and are both doing great. We’re so happy with the pair you chose for us- opposite personalities that compliment each other perfectly. They do almost everything together and love to snuggle with us and each other.
Thank you


handsome Ocean

Our family is so in love with Misty and Rocky.Thank you so much Margarita Shestakova!!! They are doing great!!!

Hi Margarita,
We feel so lucky to have Mali (previously known as Chinky) in our lives. He is loving, playful and tolerant. He plays fetch like a dog, hide and seek with the kids and enjoys digging in the snow and jumping in puddles!! A truly remarkable creature quite unlike any cat we’ve ever seen. Thank you again so much for bringing him into our lives. Here are some recent photosour graduates.

Today Skye is one year old. Got new toys and treats for his birthday.


We got him from you Margarita. All he does is cuddle.

Bjorn is so happy and loves his new mommy and daddy 🥰. Thank you for giving us such amazing Blue Russian babies.

Happy baby Ivan.

One kitten go to new family in February 2019 and the second baby came to the family a week ago in 2020 in February. Both boys. Our kittens have very sweet characters. Because our kittens purebred Russian blue cat and live with good families who adopted them))) Thanks Christie McGrath so sweet photo.

Our three graduates live in California. In a loving family!

Another of our king in his house and his little princess)))) Thanks to Catherine Sinclair for the gorgeous photos.

Our graduate in his New House
King in the House))))
Thanks Tatyana
Our graduate, Queen in the new house, litter December 2019. Thank you very much.
Sheryl Bennett

Sofia loves her kitty Lilly

Amazing kitty Lilly, the most intelligent and affectionate

Lilly plays with a little Russian blue girlfriend Emely

Our graduate
A6 – Scottish boy

Очень хороший характер у нашей кошечки! Очень добрая и игривая и любопытная!
Спасибо Вам большое, за такую красавицу и умницу. Отличный котёнок!
Ekaterina Korotin

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