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Recommendations for a new kitten owner from the breeder Margarita Shestakova

Remember that along with the feeling of joy and affection caused by the presence of a small fluffy pet, you have a great sense of responsibility for your new friend. You are fully responsible for his safety in the new house. In addition to receiving positive emotions from communication, you must help your child adapt as quickly as possible, protect yourself from possible dangerous situations that can scare the kitten and even harm its psyche.
At first, the kitten will be very, very lonely: an unfamiliar house, strangers, a cat without a beloved mother, brothers and sisters.
These are the first days that are very important for adapting a kitten, it is best to get acquainted with the new house on the weekend when your whole family gathers and the kitten will be surrounded by attention and care as much as possible. ,
Before the kitten arrives in the new house, clean your house in advance; Place all detergents in the reach of the kitten. Tape the wires so that the kitten does not bite them
Very small kittens quickly cease to be afraid of anything, so it is during this period that the child needs to gain experience. Keep the kitten the first two days in one room. At first, the kitten will study only one room. Place a toilet bowl and food and water bowls in this room. Do not pull the kitten out of the house – wear it by force, it should go out by itself. This will mean that the first fear is over. True, do not be surprised if he crawls under a cabinet on bent legs, this is a normal reaction of a kitten in a new house
In the early days, keep other animals away from the child. He must first get used to the new environment. Later, he will want to meet other members of your family. To establish a friendly contact with a kitten, you should constantly pay attention to it: carry it on your hands, stroke it in your favorite places (head, chest, behind your ears), say gentle words to it.
Give the child food that he already knows, strictly observing the daily routine already established by the breeder.
For the toilet, use only the filler that the breeder had (we use corn). If the kitten is peeing in the wrong place, wipe the stain with a weak solution of vinegar or some means to remove the smell of cat urine, and take the kitten to the toilet.
Remember to buy Cat-Tree and Cat toys for your pet. If the kitten is trying to sharpen the claws on the carpet, bring the kitten to the claws of the point, smear the claws of the point with catnip to attract a small kitten with this smell.
Trim your claws once a week, stroke the kitten and praise after each short claw. Very soon he will get used to this procedure.
Never punish a kitten physically. If the kitten is guilty or does not obey you, you need to clap your hands loudly or spray it with water from the spray bottle for water. Do not let the kitten fight with your other pets, you can stop this by spraying the pets with a stream of water from the spray bottle for water.
To accustom a child to a nickname, call him by name every time the time comes for feeding. When he eats, pat him on the back and say the name several times. Then he will get used to it very quickly.
There is time
When you feed for the first time at 7 a.m., you give the kitten a double serving of food, if you go to work, and the kitten is left alone for 5-8 hours, if he does not eat in the morning, he will eat when he is hungry. Dry food is not a constant meal, it can be given as a snack or cookie for a kitten, and not as a regular meal.
If you are at home in the morning, you need to give a normal portion of food, if food was in the  refrigerator, It’s needs to be heated, you should not give cold food, the temperature of the food should be equal to the temperature of the kitten’s body, about 100F
You give 3 times wet food (raw meat with goat milk or just raw meat, or quality food from cans for kittens). Fish can be given once a month, as well as Ricotta cheese 2 times a month, replacing one feeding. Water should always be, it needs to be changed every day.