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Frequently asked question
Is your kitten accustomed to the litter box?
Or you can hear: “I hate cats, I had one who pooped around the whole house.”
Let’s see why the kitten did not go to the tray in the new house and how to teach him to do it.
1. If kittens grow up in a clean and good nursery, their mother accustoms them to the tray, already at 5th week from birth. Mom cat always talks to the kitten and helps him to go to the tray. My cat Lola sits next to the tray and invites the kitten to the toilet when the kitten goes by himself, she licks him and purrs softly in his ear. If the kitten has not reached, she scolds the tray and grumbles loudly, then takes him by the withers and pushes him into the litter box.
Kittens are curious, they like to taste the sand on the tooth, so try to use natural fillers for the cat’s toilet, so that kittens do not have eye health problems and diarrhea.
2. Whenever you bring your baby to a new home, show him his toilet tray. Put the kitten into the tray and gently say, “this is your toilet”. For the first 2 days, keep the kitten in one room, where it will be safe for him, where the toilet and food with water will stand in one place. Try to take the kitten more often in your hands and gently bring it to the toilet tray every hour. Always praise your little one, if he has done his job properly. After the kitten gets used to the new house, you may put the toilet where you think it should belong, be sure to show the kitten where is his toilet.
3. And yet, why do cats “spoil” the house?
This is a very serious question.
The cat expresses its protest that he does not like this house or the stranger who came to the house (this is if the cat has lived in this house for a long time). If there are 2 cats, one might not be allowed in the tray, or he cannot find the toilet. When a cat proves to everyone that he is the BOSS, and the main one in the house among the other cats. This usually happens if the house has two male cats. It happens if the cat is sick, has a stomach problem, he couldn’t make it to the toilet (usually after that the cat hide in a corner, so nobody can touch them. Show your cat to a doctor! Or someone else’s cat is in the house, then your cat tries to erase its smell.
Recommendations: find out the reasons for this behavior, it is useless to scold a cat, yell, hit…
Cats understand more than 4 human languages. You need to talk to him calmly, remove odors with cleaners, vinegar, lemon, bleach, etc. It’s good to clean and wash everything. Keep the cat in the same room with food and a litter box, while talking to him constantly show him his toilet. If the cat is aggressive, show him to the doctor, then something is wrong with your cat’s health.
If you cleaned poorly, the cat will always go there, where this smell is.
If a cat does doesn’t like when you bring other people’s animals into the house, do not do it, do not stress your cat. The cat “says” that he lives in this house and he is in charge. I recommend keeping cats of the same sex in the house or cats from the same litter, then cats will not prove to each other who oversees the house. This does not apply to nurseries, there are different lives and nurseries have different rooms for male cats and female cats. If the cat does not like your new friends and poop always when they come, I recommend seeing what kind of person is next to you. Cats feel people with bad energy, or this person may be treating you badly. Cats don’t do anything without the reason. They do this sometimes for your attention.
Based on my experience, cats rarely do this, basically all cats go to their toilets and live in a house together, love their owner. If you love your pet, he will love you back. The cat brings the coziness and blessings of God to the house.