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Why does a cat poop on the bed and how to deal with it

I thank my teacher in zoo psychology of cats Yulia Sokolova for writing this article.
Why does a cat poop on the bed and how to deal with it
The kitten poop  on the bed – many owners face such a problem. Often in this case, bad intentions are attributed to the pet, sometimes the owners even decide to take drastic measures – to give the kitten away or even throw it out into the street, which, of course, in no case should be done. Moreover, the problem, as the rich practice of volunteers and employees of the shelter shows, has a simple explanation and solution. We will talk about this in this article.
1) Does your pet do it out of spite?
2) Fear and stress
3) Jealousy, inattention, boredom
4) Territory marking
5) Ignore Tray
– Hormonal changes
– Tray unavailable
– Kittens
– Unsterilized cats and cats
6) Disease and old age
Does the pet do it out of spite?
Taking a cute kitten, the last thing you want to see is puddles of urine or feces in your own bed. This is undoubtedly extremely unpleasant. Many people in this situation are inclined to believe that the kitten deliberately shit on the bed, to spite them – either in retaliation for something, or simply because of a bad character.
We hasten to assure you: this is, in principle, unusual for cats. If a person is unpleasant to them, then they will rather avoid him, and if he is pleasant, then they will definitely not harm. In general, the behavior of cats is primarily based on instincts and associations, on the distinction between pleasant / safe and unpleasant / dangerous. The cat will not think: “The owners like their bed so much, let me deliberately put need there in order to annoy them.” The desires of cats are more direct. So what can cause a cat to want to shit on the bed?
Can a cat be mischievous?
Fear and stress
The most common reason that a cat crap on the bed is because he is afraid of something, so he feels insecure on the territory of your apartment. He may be afraid of a variety of things: perhaps a new person has recently appeared in the house, whom the cat does not yet trust, or a new pet who is perceived by the cat as a competitor in the struggle for territory, perhaps your house is too noisy (for example, due to the appearance of a child , or repairs, or frequent scandals), but worst of all, if the cat is afraid of the owners themselves, who are used to shouting at him or even punishing him.
This is not a complete list of things that can scare and stress your pet. The common thing, however, in all this is that the cat is afraid, feels insecure, but at the same time, of course, strives to be protected. He sees the source of security in the owners, understands that they are the main ones here. At the same time, smells are incredibly important for felines, it is from them that they recognize whose territory this is, and they themselves inform others with scent marks that these possessions are theirs. Therefore, when a cat shits on your bed, he just tries to mix his smell with yours in order to show (both to you and to himself) that this is his house too, that he is with the owners at the same time, which means that he is in this territory. should be safe.
In such a situation, you need to calm the animal, show that no one will offend him or drive him out. If the problem lies in scandals and screams, then the household must learn to restrain their emotions so as not to turn the cat into a neurotic. If the cat gets scared because of the appearance of someone new (a person or another pet), then he needs to be given time and support. Here games will come to the rescue – with their help, you will distract the cat from his worries, show your attention, awaken the hunting instincts – and this will raise the pet’s self-confidence. This will be especially useful if your relationship with your cat is not yet very good. Play with him more often, treat him with a treat, and then he will associate you with good. You can also use  catnip to reduce stress levels. When the cat realizes that nothing threatens her, she will calm down, stop looking for protection and defend her territory in such an unpleasant way.
Jealousy, lack of attention, boredom
The second reason is closely related to the first. The cat, again, feels insecure. Only in this case, the uncertainty is caused not by fear, but by the fact that the cat feels unnecessary, she does not have enough attention, and therefore she cannot consider your home as hers. Then the cat shits on the bed in order to mix its scent with the scent of the owners – in general, its motives in this case are almost identical to what we described in the case of fear and stress.
There is only one way out: devote time to your mustachioed pet. Even if you are very busy and actually come home only to sleep, at least take the cat in your arms, pet it, treat it with a treat. It is also highly desirable to play – at least twice a day, in the morning and before bed, for 10-15 minutes. This will allow the cat to feel needed, provide the minimum acceptable level of activity, help not to get bored and survive the long absence of the owner.
Territory marking
The kitten can shit on the bed, thereby marking it. This happens when he starts puberty. With the help of tags, cats spread their smell, designate rights to territory, and also show relatives of the opposite sex that they are ready for breeding. As long as animals are at the mercy of the sexual instinct, the tags will not go anywhere. The only way to cope with the problem is to neuter or neuter (by the way, cats mark no less than cats during estrus). This safe operation will help solve many problems. A cat or a cat will
If you’ve heard that after castration cats become lethargic and lazy, then do not rush to believe this. At the very least, this is a very strong exaggeration, at the maximum, a delusion. Play with your castrated cat and you will find that he is no less active and playful than before.stop shitting in bed, will be active and healthy until old age and will not bring their owners with rumbling and screams announcing that they are ready to procreate.
Ignore Tray
The fact that a cat poops on the bed instead of visiting the litter box is not very common. To simply relieve herself, she would rather choose some more secluded place. Nevertheless, this is also possible. We’ll have to figure out why the cat doesn’t like the litter box, and eliminate this reason. Perhaps the litter box just needs to be cleaned – cats are very clean, many of them simply cannot relieve themselves if their toilet is not cleaned. Either the tray needs to be moved to another, more suitable place (maybe in the same place the cat is frightened by some kind of noise or a constant “entrance yard”). Or maybe the pet has become uncomfortable with the shape of the tray or does not like the filler. But all these problems are easy to solve.
Hormonal changes
This period also provokes the cat into inappropriate behavior. In the body of the animal, hormonal changes take place. During the mating season, cats begin to mark their territory, trying to leave their marks not only on the bed, but throughout the house.
It also happens that the cat wrote on the bed when the owner changed the tray to a new one. Accustomed to the previous toilet seat and litter box, the animal can begin to poop on the bed. There are cases when cats piss in the wrong places, even when the tray has been moved a few centimeters. Another reason for the appearance of puddles on the bed is the forgetfulness of the owners. It is connected with the fact that households sometimes forget about cats and can close access to the litter box. The cat cannot get to its usual place, it looks for a new one.
The above reasons are common for all cats, regardless of gender, age. You should also familiarize yourself with the categories of animals that often start going to the toilet on the bed.
A kitten poop is also a common occurrence. Small animals, especially those not yet accustomed to the litter box or in the process of training, can write on the bed and in other inappropriate places. Such mistakes often happen until the kitten gets used to one place of excrement. Often, the owners begin to try different fillers, bedding, newspapers, napkins. This also provokes kittens to look for another place for the toilet, since they are not yet used to the litter box and its contents, especially when it is constantly changing.
Sterilized cats
Unsterilized animals try to attract the attention of the opposite sex as quickly as possible. Changes in behavior are associated with the influence of sex hormones on the body of cats and cats. They may begin to write on the bed, meow loudly. Sterilized animals are often not subject to this behavior, since they do not produce so many hormones.
Old animals
Cats and cats over 10 years old may pee in the wrong places due to incontinence. The old animal simply does not have time to reach the tray. Thus, it is important to understand in detail the reasons for the appearance of puddles and marks on the bed, since the further behavior of the owner depends on this. Correct identification of the cause will help to avoid such unpleasant moments with pets.
Get rid of stains and odors
How to remove odors and stains? Eliminate them with the help of special products that are sold in pet stores or folk remedies. In this case, you will have to process every area in the room. The process is quite laborious. To avoid a situation where a cat poops on the bed, it is necessary to wean the animal from a bad habit.
Preventive measures
Regardless of why the cat started pooping in bed, the owner still needs to somehow cope with the situation. In this case, in addition to the measures listed above, the following method will help. Cats really hate strong smells, especially lavender and citrus. Therefore, the bed can be sprinkled with lavender, Orange or lemon essential oils. Smelling such a smell, the cat will disdain to come up to the bed and poop  on it.
Thus, a cat can shit on the bed when he feels insecure in the house and seeks to mix his smell with the owner’s (you need to stop scolding the cat, show you care, play more often, give treats), or when he marks the territory (only castration / sterilization will help) ,
How to wean an animal from spoiling furniture
Having determined the reasons for the appearance of puddles or marks on the bed, it becomes easier to understand how to wean a cat from pooping on the bed. It should be noted that one should not become aggressive, apply brute physical force to an animal, poke his nose into a puddle. This will aggravate the situation, increase the stress of the animal. You need to control yourself. The only acceptable punishment is to explain to the cat in a stern voice what she is doing wrong. Animals will perfectly understand that the owner is unhappy.
All soiled pillows, bedding, blankets, bedspreads must be washed thoroughly, stains and unpleasant odors must be removed. Then dry everything. If possible, dry-clean the mattress. Cover the bed with clean other linens. Since cats are scent oriented, it is very important to remove it.
It is further recommended to inspect the tray. Rinse it even if it is dry and clean. Sometimes urine droplets remain on the tray, which the owner does not notice. The animal, smelling the smell, refuses to write and is poisoned in search of a new place. If a puddle appears on the bed after changing the litter or tray, you need to return everything as it was. If a small child or other family member has appeared in the family, cats need to be given sufficient attention. They will experience stress from any changes, they are jealous of it. The cat needs to be picked up more often, caress, treat it with a treat.